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What is orange, black and white? If you guessed a black cat sitting on pumpkin against a while wall, then you are way too excited about Halloween. It’s September people! If you guessed Blog 5551, you would be correct, but that was not the answer I was looking for.

I realized something this past weekend when I visited the Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show. The show itself was a bit disappointing, but it made me notice a couple of trends that I’ve been an inadvertent slave to lately. The trends, which I initially discovered through web design and typography, are (1) an affinity towards the simplicity and sleekness of black against white¬† (2) the colour orange.

(Pic above was taken from I really like the typography)

I realized that orange is the new brown (rich, warm, distinctive) as I was drawn to some unbelievably soft 1500 threat count Egyptian cotton sheets at the Home Show. (I bought the chocolate brown ones instead and have been kicking myself ever since. I can’t forget about the orange sheets…the way I noticed them from across the room, and the way they felt against my skin when I first touched them. I get chills just thinking about them. They are the ones that got away. Hadn’t I wanted the brown ones? Hadn’t I thought they would match my duvet better? I made my choice, now I must live with it and kill the regret.)

So here are some examples of black and white, and orange used in web design.

(Squrespace is a great company with a brilliant tech blog, which will be of interest to many bloggers, web designers and content managers)

(Upcoming website for blogger/interior designer Heather Clawson. The sheets in question were this colour. The thought of these sheets is now consuming me obsessively.)

(Always a trend-setter, Bruce Mau Design)

(One of my favourite food sites; it will answer the sometimes dauntingly unanswerable question: what the fuck should i make for dinner)

More orange, black and white to come… stay tuned for part II… 5551

Welcome to Blog 5551 — a random, late night endeavor. This is my first time writing a blog. I have always wanted to write one, but couldn’t come up with a consistent theme or a real reason to do it until today. What is the reason you ask? Because I always wanted to and we should always strive to do what we want.

As someone with art history and media studies degrees, I am particularly drawn to visual culture, art and design… the way environments and objects make us feel, how certain things can instantly transform our mood… and you will see this point of view reflected in my choice for posts. As a brunch enthusiast, foodie (albeit vegetarian), and wine-lover I am also going to post tasty recipes and restaurant reviews from time to time.

The idea is to post all things inspirational, things that will make you feel good! So you… whoever you are, I hope you bare with me while I fumble around the first few posts and get my voice.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!