What is orange, black and white? If you guessed a black cat sitting on pumpkin against a while wall, then you are way too excited about Halloween. It’s September people! If you guessed Blog 5551, you would be correct, but that was not the answer I was looking for.

I realized something this past weekend when I visited the Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show. The show itself was a bit disappointing, but it made me notice a couple of trends that I’ve been an inadvertent slave to lately. The trends, which I initially discovered through web design and typography, are (1) an affinity towards the simplicity and sleekness of black against white¬† (2) the colour orange.

(Pic above was taken from Vogue.com. I really like the typography)

I realized that orange is the new brown (rich, warm, distinctive) as I was drawn to some unbelievably soft 1500 threat count Egyptian cotton sheets at the Home Show. (I bought the chocolate brown ones instead and have been kicking myself ever since. I can’t forget about the orange sheets…the way I noticed them from across the room, and the way they felt against my skin when I first touched them. I get chills just thinking about them. They are the ones that got away. Hadn’t I wanted the brown ones? Hadn’t I thought they would match my duvet better? I made my choice, now I must live with it and kill the regret.)

So here are some examples of black and white, and orange used in web design.

(Squrespace is a great company with a brilliant tech blog, which will be of interest to many bloggers, web designers and content managers)

(Upcoming website for blogger/interior designer Heather Clawson. The sheets in question were this colour. The thought of these sheets is now consuming me obsessively.)

(Always a trend-setter, Bruce Mau Design)

(One of my favourite food sites; it will answer the sometimes dauntingly unanswerable question: what the fuck should i make for dinner)

More orange, black and white to come… stay tuned for part II… 5551