It’s beginning to feel like autumn. The air is getting cooler and there is a certain freshness to it that some of us miss during the summer months. To me autumn means a crackling fire (I am lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace), lots of wine, trench coats and the return of stylish boots. So to start getting us into the spirit of autumn, I thought I would share some of my favourite wines with you. Incredible wines that I have tasted throughout the years, wines that will make you beg for another glass (arranged in no specific order, they are all delicious)…

1. Matassa Blanc Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes, Coteaux du Fenouillèdes, Roussillon Region, France

This is my the best white wine I have ever tasted. It is so unique that it makes the taste quite difficult to describe. The wine evolves as you drink it. Unlike most white wines it tastes best after decanted and it also has a bit sediment at the bottom. All I can tell you is that it is nothing like you have ever tasted before, and after tasting it once, like finding the man or woman of your dreams you will wonder where it has been your entire life–at least this is how it felt to me. I have recently learned that the Roussillon Region is a bit of a rouge region in France. A magical place, where you can grow any type of grape you like (apparently most regions are restricted to the types of grapes they are allowed to cultivate). I discovered this wine at Pullman wine bar in Montreal, which if you are ever the area you should pay a visit too and try this wine there, I insist!

2.  Mt. Boucherie Gamay Noir, Kelowna, British Columbia

A light tasting every day wine I discovered soon after moving to Vancouver, late in 2009. It is exquisite, goes well with almost anything, and will not break the bank. This is currently my number one wine for any occasion. If you are living in outside of BC, it may be difficult to come by (unless you order it directly from the vineyard), but I have recently

tired a similar tasting wine, which is available in most provinces and (hopefully) states… it is…

3. Oyster Bay Marlborough Pinot Noir, New Zealand

Another elegant wine with a subtle complexity of flavour. It should be quite easy to find. I discovered it accidentally last week and I was not disappointed and neither will you be if you give this wine a try.

4. Freud’s Ego, Therapy Vineyards, Naramata, British Columbia

Don’t let the quirky name deter you, this wine is a gem! It is an earthy wine that is full of falvour, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and a touch of Merlot aged in French and American Oak. I have recently learned that French Oak has a much subtler flavour than American Oak, which tends to me quite strong and in your face. Another bonus you will enjoy is the price! I tried to purchase it today at Village VQA Wines in Kitsilano, Vancouver and it was sold out — a testament to it’s deliciousness I think.

5. Cipes Brut N/V, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Kelowna, British Columbia

No wine list would complete without some sparkling. If you are ever going to drink sparkling wine in lieu of champagne, this is the one to drink. Compared by some connoisseurs to Dom Perignon, this wine will give many champagnes a run for their lives. I am not sure about it’s availability outside of BC, but you can order it and I hope that you do! It has a fantastic after taste of apples and pares, which lingers on your tongue long after you have taken your last sip. It is truly an elegant, crisp wine that will impress even the harshest wine snobs.

So there you have it, an array of fantastic finds and favourites I return to again and again. These wines are guaranteed to impress. They have the 5551 stamp of approval.

I will be sure to have some more wine recommendations for you soon. Until then Chin chin!